Installing a security alarm in your flat
Safe at home and calm at heart
Keyboard for arming and disarming the premises
The panic button allows you to invisibly call a rapid response team
The control panel collects information from all sensors and sends them to the monitoring station control panel
The motion sensor is installed indoors and monitors movements in the protected area
Door opening sensor installes on a door or window to control entry into the room
Mobile application for remote control of the security system
A wireless security system is the best way to protect your apartment from burglary, fire and leaks. Select the functions you want, control and monitor your home via your own smartphone!
Protection from robbers and attacks
If there is an alarm, motion sensors will be triggered, the robbers will be caught and handed over to the police.
Fire and water leakage protection
The kit may include sensors to detect fires, water leaks and smoke.
Prompt departure of emergency services
In the event of an alarm, a rapid response team will arrive within 5 minutes and inspect the facility for burglary.
How does it works?
Selection of devices and negotiation of conditions
The manager will advise you, draw up a commercial offer and select the nearest rapid response team to you.
Equipment installation and contract signing
At a convenient time for you, the worker will install the system, instruct you how to use it, and you will sign the contract.
24/7 security for your personal safety
24 hours a day, our control panel of the central monitoring station will monitor the signals of your facility and control security.
Departure for alarm

If there are alarms, a rapid response team will be sent to you to inspect the object for burglary or robbery.
Convenient app with many functions
It's free!
Stay up to date
Receive messages in case of burglary, fire or leakage.
Use analytics
Control your equipment performance and estimate energy consumption.
Use cameras
Use video cameras by integrating with the VideoOn service.
Your own circle
Connect your family, neighbors. They can receive messages and come to the rescue.
Manage devices
Configure home devices to work on a schedule or an event.
Use your voice
Control devices and security with the help of a voice assistant.
Secure your home with
Super Safer
The cost of equipment with installation is from $200
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Calculate the price of your system
The price of the security system will depend on the number of functions which you need
Additional functions:
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How to choose a security system
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What to do in case of entry into the apartment
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